We offer and require the hunter to be completely serious, so we kindly ask you to carefully read the general still hunting conditions for peace of mind.


When booking a hunt and reading these conditions, both the company and the hunter agree that: Until we receive the reservation amount, the hunt is not considered booked. Prices and offers listed on this website do not include VAT or any international taxes. Deposits for reservations, depending on the case, are non-refundable. The organization reserves the right to determine if the cancellation of the hunt is due to force majeure or justifiable reasons. Otherwise, the hunter will not be entitled to any refund.The hunting guide will be responsible for leading the hunt, will never force the hunter to shoot, and will only provide information and advice on the quality of each trophy. It is the hunter’s decision whether to shoot or not. If the hunter chooses to shoot, they are assuming the obligation to cover the value of the animal. The guide’s decisions are unquestionable unless the hunter takes responsibility for any damages or consequences resulting from their actions or decisions. Once the hunter has decided to shoot a specific animal, they must wait for the guide’s order to shoot. If the hunter shoots without waiting for such an order, they will be responsible for any damages caused. Trophy measurement will be conducted on-site in a fair and demonstrable manner and may not coincide with the official measurement of the CIC National Homologation Board, as some trophies may differ. The hunter will only have full possession of the trophy once they have paid 100% of the agreed-upon value. If an animal is wounded (blood seen), the hunting day will be halted, and the guide will lead the search with the hunter’s participation and using any means deemed appropriate for retrieval. If the search is unsuccessful, the animal will be considered as hunted, and the full value will be charged based on the guide’s assessment. Once the full value of the trophy has been paid, the hunter may take possession of it. The company and property owners will make every effort to retrieve a wounded trophy, but they will not be responsible if it cannot be found.We recommend checking that the rifle groups correctly by shooting at a target between 100 and 150 meters to ensure it is properly centered. The hunter must notify us at least 15 days in advance of any changes to the booked still hunt dates. Otherwise, it is at the organization’s discretion to change the dates and/or refund or forfeit the deposit.If the hunter has any disabilities, illnesses, is under medication, has low physical condition, or any other particularities, please inform us so that we can take appropriate measures and accommodate the hunt as much as possible. The hunter is legally obliged to have all the regulatory documentation that competent authorities may require, and our company may provide it. The hunter is directly and exclusively responsible for any damages caused to persons or others, as well as for administrative sanctions, resulting directly from not following the organization or guard’s instructions. All these points apply to each hunt unless otherwise agreed upon or specified in the offer. The conditions and rules of each offer prevail, although those described here are also valid.



The hunting programs listed on this website are not contractual documents. This company acts as a representative of the final company, and the programs are created solely for informational purposes. Prices may vary without prior notice due to reasons beyond our company’s and its representatives’ control. The client acknowledges having read and understood this disclaimer.The hunter must inform us of their interest in the desired hunt, and we will provide prices, conditions, and a maximum period for making the reservation by bank transfer. This period is when we can guarantee and/or “freeze” the prices and conditions. If the reservation is not made within the specified period, we do not guarantee maintaining the hunt’s conditions and prices.

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